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With applications that may need initial or extended testing to understand, we offer our test laboratory in Chicago, IL as an option and service to all of our clients.With high speed dispersing, low speed mixing, and milling equipment available, we will be able to work with the client to understand their product as well as demonstrate how our technology will benefit their operation.All initial testing will be complimentary, while extended and repeat testing will be billed at a daily rate, where part of the charge can be applied as credit towards the purchase of a new machine.

Some of the more popular products that have been tested are: ink, paint, coatings, caulks, epoxies, sealers, mastics, silicones, hot melts, adhesives, elastomerics, various emulsions etc… Our capabilities range from a minimum batch size of 5 gallons, maximum batch sizes can be 250 - 300 gallons. All Schold units are capable of being tested/ evaluated at maximum load, simulating a real world setting.

Being a full test lab, we also have all necessary production/quality ancillary equipment available to weigh, meter, test grinds, compare particle sizes, check viscosities, check temperatures and PH levels.

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