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VHS - Heavy & Medium Duty

The blade rotates at up to 5500 fpm and creates a radial flow pattern within a stationary mix vessel. The blade creates a vortex that pulls in the contents of the vessel to the blades sharp edges. The blade surfaces then mechanically tear apart solids thereby reducing their size, and at the same time dispersing them among the liquid used as the carrier fluid. High Speed Dispersers are ideal for dispersions that are up to a maximum of approx. 50,000 centipoise. When used in conjunction with Multi-Shaft Mixers, they can be useful to several hundred thousand centipoise.

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Designed to mix and disperse viscous products, the Schold heavy duty variable speed dispersers will mix, compound, and disperse polyesters, epoxies, colors in pastes, adhesives, inks, rubber cement compounds, pre-mixes for roller milling operations, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lacquers, wax dispersions, etc. The dispersing action is the result of intense shear of the material caused by the force of the blade as it rotates in the container. As the blade rotates, the material is forced to flow through and around the blade. The resistance of material causes the high internal shear of the material against itself and the material against the blade and the container wall. Producing a mulling-kneading action, the blade action completely distributes the various ingredients of the formula and eliminates any pockets of dry material or agglomerates.


The Schold Co-Axial Dispersers are designed for mixing and dispersing of products with a very wide range of viscosities, such as inks, caulks, paints, dyestuffs, texturizing compounds, putties, adhesives, etc. The Co-Axial Disperser can handle product viscosities in excess of 1,000,000 cps, yet can equally handle those jobs normally done by a high speed disperser. In many instances, the Co-Axial Disperser will replace much more expensive sigma-blade and/or cone/worm type mixers. The Co-Axial Disperser combines a slow-speed, high torque blade, closely matched to the inner diameter of the mixing vessel, with a high speed, high shear blade in a "co-axial" location.

Twin Shafts

The Schold Twin-Shaft Disperser is designed for moderate to high viscosity formulations, the disperser and/or rotor/stator mixer are used in conjunction with a low speed anchor agitator/sweep blade. The anchor agitator helps to exchange materials from different parts of the vessel, essentially “feeding” the high speed device(s) with product that would otherwise not flow towards it. With this configuration, a multi-agitator mixer can handle recipes that are several hundred thousand centipoise.

Triple Shafts

One advantage to having both a disperser and a rotor/stator in one mixer is that the disperser can be used to puree large solids at the start of the cycle and as the liquid portion of the batch increases, the rotor/stator can be turned on to eliminate lumps and improve homogeneity of the mixture. Another configuration would be to have a low speed sweep, high speed disperser and an auger. This configuration will allow for the suspension of aggregates in the product when the auger is used.

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