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The New Benchmark for Bench-Top Mixing

For smaller scale production or pilot batches, the Schold LMX mixer offers a solid choice. This mixer was designed from the ground up with versatility in mind. Its design allows operators to easily process batches from one quart up to five gallons in volume. We were inspired to make the LMX mixer robust, simple and easy to clean. Using a direct-coupled mixer shaft design, power and torque is not lacking. The adjustable, centralized control panel and display ensure the operator can quickly see the status of the mixer.

Schold also engineered the LMX series mixers to utilize a single utility—electricity. With a choice of single or three-phase power, there is no need for compressed air or hydraulics to operate the mixer. Available options include different motor sizes, environment ratings, blade types, LH/RH configuration and more.

Applications: Inks, paints, coatings, caulks & in-plant use.

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