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Our Variable-Speed Rotor/Stator was designed for high-speed dispersing, mixing, size reduction and deagglomerating at significant process savings compared to conventional high-speed dispersers with sawtooth blades. The rotor stator requires liquid in the batch at all times. It creates mechanical shear by continuously drawing product components into the rotor and expelling them radially through the precision milled openings in the stator. Since the stator presents s physical restriction, this type of disperser/mixer is limited in the size of solids it can handle. However, due to the design, it offers greater shear forces compared to an open-disc saw-tooth disperser blade.

The rotor stator improves the high speed dispersion of paints, resins, inks, coatings, adhesives, etc. It is not limited to these items, so if you have a product to test, we have the trial equipment available in our lab in Chicago, IL.

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