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The New Schold

In the past year, there have been a few changes here at Schold Manufacturing LLC. While we lost a great leader and mentor, Mr. Jerry Tippett, there has been an infusion of new partners into the business. As we turn over a new leaf, we still retain much of our legacy experience, we will continue operating the company with the great attributes that have become synonymous with the Schold brand since 1949. We know it is important to understand and trust who your partners are in business, understand Schold is here to stay and will be moving forward.

As the new partners bring different experiences and skillsets to the table, we will be able to help usher Schold into an exciting new era with additional engineering/process design services offered and industries served. Our philosophy is not to be purely an equipment supplier, but rather the partner you turn to for the complete, collaborative solution. All the while, prioritizing our commitment to exceeding our customer's needs and expectations.

Who We Are

Chris Spatz

John Duong
Vice President

Mike Barr
Principal Engineer

Brian Bernard
Business Development

Our Partners

With strong and capable business partners, additional expertise and offerings are not far away. We can expand on the areas or industries we serve by working closely with our partners, ultimately becoming more effective in finding the best solution for our customers.

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