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I'd like to thank you for visiting our website. However, the topics covered here are obviously only the "tip of the iceberg". If you have any questions about any of our equipment please feel free to contact us anytime.

Since 1949, Schold has worked hard to put forth a commitment to its customers and their industries. Our capital reinvestments have enabled us to welcome in a new century with all necessary high-tech, contemporary tools and personnel.

With our vast array of process equipment, we have been recognized by the largest ink, paint, adhesive and related chemical manufacturers worldwide. We realize that recognition is important, but it takes much more energy to remain visible. A broad and expanding product line, with contemporary engineering, rugged construction and a definite understanding of our customers and their industries, has always allowed the Schold team to remain a visible leader in the dispersion industry. Our belief in their unique processing philosophies, quick reactions to changing needs and a solid economic foundation has ensured that the vendor-customer partnership would endure.

We take this partnership very seriously. Our current strengths are based on relationships with the dynamic customers of the past. In the future, the dynamics of these chemical processing companies will motivate our industry even further by demanding new levels of technology. This is why Schold is now poised solidly to be with the companies of tomorrow.

As you create new products or expand current production, we invite you to contact Schold Machine for our viewpoints based on experience, commitment and enthusiasm.


Mr. Jerry Tippett Sr. - President

About Schold....

Schold, operating out of two locations, (Chicago, IL and St. Petersburg, FL), has been providing patented processing equipment to the dispersion industry since 1949. Its grass roots approach to machinery design, function and maintenance has proved priceless in developing a respected and enduring reputation throughout the world. Schold has worked hard to put forth a commitment to its customers and their industries.

We take great pride in our abilities to serve the demanding needs of the largest international companies with integrity and quality. Schold's success is built on our personalized, dependable service as well as treating the smallest and largest paint, ink and allied chemical producers equally. Decades of sound technical experience with high-performance process equipment have prepared us for the challenges which lie ahead.


Our manufacturing location houses a complete test facility utilizing full-size process equipment. The lab has stand-alone capability using all implements necessary, from separate three phase power supply to highly technical photo micrographs and infrared pyrometers. For added customer comfort, out facility contains private areas for office use during customer visits.

All test evaluations, regardless of size, are conducted at no charge. MSDS sheets are required at the time of tests and all products processed and their wash solvents or vehicles must be returned to the source.

Schold's machine shops employ some of the largest and most accurate lathes in the industry. Shop tolerances of bearing journals on the high-speed agitator shafts can consistently be held to .0002" to .0005". Our largest lathes can swing 60" diameter, 20 feet long and can hold .0005" accuracy. Both machine shops are self-sufficient with no outside machining employed and Schold cleans and recycles it's own cutting fluids in it's own treatment system.

CNC Lathes are only a part of Schold's complement of seven computerized numerical control machine tools for the high production of extremely close tolerance components.

Having the most contemporary computers with graphic displays and conversational formats, they can be programmed at the unit or from the office for consistency and quality, with power, speed, and accuracy.

Where castings are sometimes used to facilitate production demands, Schold manufactures from a solid billet of steel, stainless steel or alloys which proves far superior in strength, grain structure, and warpage stability of the finished piece.

From Raw Metal To Finished Product, Schold Does It All...

For all of your milling requirements, Schold manufactures a wide range of horizontal and vertical media mills with chamber volumes ranging from 1/2 gal. through 100 gal. verticals to 1/2 liter through 280 liter horizontals utilizing steel, zirconium silicate, ceramic or glass media.

Quality Control ... "our leading edge."

Quality control of our precision components are second-to-none. Cast iron and granite surface plates combined with dial indicators and height gauges hold the machine shop accountable to high standards and tight tolerances. We use various analyses to determine hardness, stresses, and forces brought upon our components and total assemblies.

Each and every machine is tested at full speed. Run time of dispersers and mixers can exceed two hours, while the more complex media mills are run for 8 to 16 hours.

We utilize the same tests for rebuilt machines and sub-assemblies as new ones. Hard copies of test results are kept on file indefinitely and bear the names of machinists, welder-fabricators, assemblers, and supervisors assigned to the project.

The use of the most contemporary computer aided design technology is essential to meet the demands of an ever changing industry. Unique viewpoints through three-dimensional imaging enables the design engineers to determine interference, assembly and maintenance procedures, and stability under load.

The speed and accuracy of the CAD computers are unmatched and calculations can be done automatically in seconds that would take days under conventional methods. In most cases a computer disc is sent to customers for approvals in lieu of a paper blueprint.

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